By the end the summer, I had the opportunity to cover the wedding of Virginie and Victor, a lovely couple that had decided to get married in the outstanding Château de Ferrières, near Paris. This château is simply gorgeous because of its white facades, and its Rothschild style interiors. It was a glorious frame for one of the most beautiful days in the lives of these two lovebirds who, because they live abroad and gathered a lot of guests coming from worldwide, had chosen “travels” as a theme for their wedding decoration.

Virginie and Victor also chose to do an outside photoshoot in Paris, so that to have pictures of them in the most iconic places of the French capital. Hence, their wedding pictures have both a taste of chateau life AND Parisian wedding.

As for myself, I was in owe with how Virginie’s wedding dress rendered on the outside stairs of Château de Ferrières. The light, on that evening, was simply magical, as the golden hour gave a super romantic feeling to the scene.