Engagement Session

Bespoken Photoshoots

Traditionally, an “engagement session” is a photoshoot that takes place when a couple gets engaged, or slightly afterwards, to as to remember this big event of the bending knee and the box opening on a wedding ring.

However, times change, and a lot of couples do not get engaged, preferring to get married without feeling the need to stage the whole “will you marry me?” scene.

Should you belong to the first or second group of persons, you might want to immortalise, a few months before your wedding, a moment of joy that you would both share. The photoshoot will be an opportunity to get used to the presence of your photographer, as if it were a “trial” before D-Day. The photos may also be used for the wedding stationery or the wedding decoration. That is why I include the “engagement session” in one of my wedding packages, and why it is also available in option. I believe it is a formidable opportunity for you to discover what it means to be taken in pictures, and to get some beautiful souvenirs from it.

I use the terms “engagement session” for the sake of convenience, but it may also consist in a non-wedding photoshoot. Are you in a relationship and want to keep nice photos of you at such or such moment of your life? Do you have kids and wish to capture beautiful images of them before they grow up? I adapt to suggest a photo shoot, in couple or in family, that meets your needs.