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My philosophy about wedding photography:

You will find in me a passionate person: I am fond of beautiful love stories, and am fascinated by wedding photography. I see every couple story as unique, and it is important to me to translate it in its authenticity. Taking pictures of you is not only discreetly capturing moments of your big day. It is first and foremost getting to know you, knowing what means a lot to you, so as to transcribe it in photography.

A (very) rough portrait of me, as a photographer:

I trained in 2019, and my photography style is "fine art". My main camera is a Canon, and I essentially use 50mm and 35mm lenses.

What I particularly like in taking pictures:

Your smiles! Most of the time, "fine art" wedding photography is associated to serene, but also melancholic faces. I, for certain, do not conceive your wedding photos without you laughs and smiles, because they reflect the joy of your big day. It is thus necessary for me to capture you as you burst into laugh, and smile tenderly.
I also love taking photos of the "little objects" of your wedding: wedding rings, jewellery, wedding stationery, cufflinks, bow ties, shoes... I arrange all these objects in a beautiful composition in a "flat lay" style. It makes a beautiful souvenir of the objects that followed you on D-Day.

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