In February, I met Annie and Xavier in Paris for their prewedding session in Paris. They had booked their June 2023 wedding with me for over a year, and we were happy to reunite in the French capital to take photos of them prior to their big day.

Annie and Xavier’s love story is one of a kind. She is American, and she met her Frenchie lover while she was once traveling in the South of France, where he was living. When she got there, all the hotels were fully booked because of a major sports event. Annie’s friends recommended Xavier to her, saying that they would get along. And they did! A love story between France and America began. They started sending messages and calling more and move over the Atlantic. Until Xavier, who had a trip planned to South America, decided to have a “short detour” by the United States to see Annie. There it was. A love story that would result a few years later in a grand wedding.

In Annie and Xavier, I met two very friendly persons, whom I was extremely happy to take pictures of in a beautiful Parisian morning. I cannot wait until June for their wedding!

Usually, Annie and Xavier would rather spend some time hiking in the mountains. They like natural landscapes rather than cities. But it was their prewedding session, and they wanted magnificent Paris for a change. So we went to some of the most iconic places in Paris : le Pont des arts, Ile de la Cité, the Louvre, and Palais Royal. Personally, I love these places, because they offer grandiose and very bright settings to capture refined images. But Ile de la Cité also meant something to the lovebirds. It is indeed in front of this willow tree that Annie and Xavier took one of their first pictures together. They wanted me to take others, to commemorate this first picture of them. I felt under high pressure, because as I told them: albeit beautiful and superior on a technical level, my pictures will never, never replace the first one. Because the first is the first, it can never be replaced. That’s one of the things with photography: it touches on your emotions, souvenirs, and feelings. And that is why my job is so important: I create the most technically beautiful images to frame perfectly all the love and emotions that are linked to your love story and your wedding day.